4 Best Guitar Finger Exercises – Start practicing right now (Beginner’s Guide)

This guide will show you the best guitar finger exercises. It is a complete handbook with each exercise in written and video format. These are some of the finest exercises for guitar beginner to get your fingers familiar with the fretboard. Follow along!

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Let’s go back to the third grade where we were introduced to this enigma called mathematics.

No one knew how to ace maths from their mother’s womb but we did solve something called ‘exercises’ and that made us improve and understand maths as a subject.

Similarly, you have exercises for learning the guitar as well – the only difference is you actually enjoy these exercises for guitar fingers and you willingly want to practice them.

Here are the best guitar finger strengthening exercises to set a strong base and become an excellent guitarist in the near future.

Few things to keep in mind before getting started with these guitar finger exercise –
  • Play with the tip of your fingers
  • Place your thumb correctly on the guitar neck
  • Don’t press your fingers down harder than you need to
  • Learn to control each finger independently
  • Dip your fingers in cold water or take a break if you develop pinching finger pain

These are the basic guitar ground rules that every guitarist needs to follow while learning the guitar and knowing this beforehand also helps in speeding up the process of getting the exercises right. Now that you are aware of this, let’s begin!

Ready to get yourself in command of your fingers?


These are the Best Guitar Finger Exercises

1. The 1-2-3-4 Exercise

This is a very simple exercise but experts still prefer it as their a 5-minute go-to warm-up. Master this and you have already joined the club of intermediate guitarists.

Strum the string one by one at the speed you are comfortable with, no need to rush it.

Index Finger – First string, First Fret

Middle Finger – First String, Second Fret

Ring Finger – First String, Third Fret

Pinky Finger – First String, Fourth Fret

Once you finish this you do it all over again on the second string.

Here’s a video for reference (Exercise starts at 1:47)

Once you become an expert of 1-2-3-4s you can get started with the reverse of the same, i.e: 4-3-2-1. Just do the exercise in reverse and see how it becomes tricky for your pinky finger.

2. The 1-3-2-4 Exercise

This one’s kind of similar to the first exercise. It only takes the same concept a little, making it the perfect next step after the 1-2-3-4.

Again strum the string in this order –

Index Finger – First string, First Fret

Ring Finger – First String, Second Fret

Middle Finger – First String, Third Fret

Pinky Finger – First String, Fourth Fret

Here’s a video for reference (Exercise starts at 0:26)

After you can do it fluently on the first string, progress to the other strings like we did the last time. By practicing you will gain more control and not just learn how to play in a sequence.

3. A chord, Em chord song

This is one of the best guitar finger exercises which will not only strengthen your fingers but it will also work out your forearm which is a crucial part of becoming a great guitar player.

Now, this exercise is a little difficult to explain in simple words so I recommend you watch this video to understand clearly. It is time-stamped to the perfect time so you don’t have to sit through the intro.

Here you go –

So, as you can see strum in this sequence –

Pinky Finger – Fourth Fret (First String)

Middle Finger – Second Fret (First String)

Pinky Finger – Fourth Fret (First String)


Ring Finger – Third Fret (Second String)

Index Finder – First Fret (Second String)

Ring Finger – Third Fret (Second String)


That’s one part of The Spider, now move your fingers up a string so your Pinky and Middle fingers go to the Third String and so on.

4. The hammer On and Pull Off

This is a fun exercise that you will learn once but will never be able to stop doing while fidgeting with your guitar. It will also come in handy once you start learning scales and will be critical when you start solo-ing on your guitar like a pro.

Here’s what you do –

Place your Index Finger on the First Fret on the First String and strum on that string. Then while you can still hear the note, you bang your Middle Finger on the Second Fret of the same string and you can hear that the note will then switch to that of the Second Fret. 

That hammer-like motion is called a Hammer-on.

Similarly, when you perform a Pull-off, you start with the Second Fret and quickly remove the Middle Finger while still keeping your Index Finger in its place. It is really addicting once you get the hang of it.

This video explains it quite well. Take a look.

There you have it,

these are the best guitar finger exercises you need to practice as a beginner and slowly as you become proficient in these exercises, it will become extremely easy for you to learn guitar as an instrument and your transition into becoming a master guitar player will become smoother.

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