Top 7 Best Locking Tuners for Les Paul 2024 Specs, Price & Rating

Our top 3 Locking Tuners for Les Paul

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  • High-quality design
  • Easy installation
  • Great screw structure
  • Too good for the price

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  • Strong tuning stability 
  • Incredible design
  • Great feel and finish

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  • Most premium locking tuner on the list
  • Mounting screws included

Question: What is that one thing that can instantly make any Les Paul (a guitar that makes it to our best funk and reggae guitars list) sound better and also get it to stay in tune? That’s right. It’s locking tuners.

Doesn’t matter if you own an actual Gibson or any other cheap version of Les Paul – you can drastically improve the sound and playability of your guitar by installing any of these 7 best locking tuners for Les Paul from the list below.


If you are a fan of playing styles that involves bending the strings more than you should, locking tuners can be your new playing partner. Big benders or tremolo users usually struggle to stay in tune and that’s where the locking tuners come in. 

Now, locking guitar tuners for Les Paul will not completely guarantee that your strings will never go out of tune. But it will definitely help to keep your guitar in tune to a greater extent, give you a better tone and make the process of changing strings much easier.

All these points (and the fact that they are priced so low) make for an overall great purchase. So, here we have compiled the list of best alternatives of locking tuners for your Les Paul. Let’s jump right into it!

Quick Summary

Sr. No Best Locking Tuners for Les Paul Check Price

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Here are the Best Locking tuners for Les paul

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True Music Helper Rating - 4.5/5

This Grover locking tuners for Les Paul makes it to the top of the list just due to the sheer name. You can never buy a bad locking tuner made by Grover because it does not exist. The tuner has incredible structure, soundness, and an ensured approach to sharpening your Les Paul’s tuning strength.

The little fixing skews gaps are marginally out of the arrangement with the tuners yet fitted with no issue. The locking and shaft components are smooth and the top form quality is clear in feel and finish.

This tuner is super advantageous and a perfect decision for students, learners, and traveling artists who are consistently out and about and also hate wasting time tuning their instrument.



  • Great screw opening arrangement
  • Easy installation
  • High-quality design and finish
  • Too good for the price


  • None

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True Music Helper Rating - 4.7/5

Like Grover, Hipshot is also a mainstream name inside the locking tuner space. These locking tuners are a phenomenal decision for quality, unfaltering quality, and critically tuning stability.

Hipshot tuners are essentially the best locking tuners for Gibson Les Paul or Epiphone guitars as they can be a fast and simple upgrade, no changes or drilling required.

The configuration is a standard 18:1 component for strong and smooth tuning stability. Additionally, this tuner permits players to a speedy and simple string change, with next to zero problems contrasted with stock machine heads. Hipshot’s Grip-Lock guitar tuning pegs grasp your strings for positive, precise tuning.

Bottom line, the Hipshot 6GLO tuners are an amazing buy for better tuning soundness and speedier string changes.


  • Strong tuning stability 
  • Incredible design
  • Great feel and finish


  • Costs a little more from other tuners

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True Music Helper Rating - 4.8/5

This is hands down, the best locking tuner for Epiphone Les Paul custom or any other good quality guitar. Get the string guided through the tuner gap, and with a spot of the thumbwheel the string is secured in the post. Only a couple of turns of the tuner handle and you’re up to pitch.

With everything taken into account, it’s a choice worth considering in case you’re not on a strict financial plan. Any high-quality guitar deserves a locking tuner to make the playing experience all the more better. 

This locking tuner does not have a lot of shiny features (okay I lied, it does literally shine) but it does what it should in an elegant manner. You’ll locate a faithful partner in this premium tuner.


  • Removable metal handles
  • Strung hex bushings and mounting screws included
  • Most premium locking tuner on the list


  • Pricey, yet worth it
  • Sometimes has issues with extra-huge strings

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True Music Helper Rating - 4.3/5

The Wilkinson E-Z LOK tuners offer a reasonable answer for a Les Paul guitar that won’t remain in tune. The E-Z LOK tuners are not locking tuners. Nonetheless, they are not standard tuners either. Their plan is somewhat unique, the tuners on the E and A string have longer shafts. This brings down the broken edge permitting the tuners to keep up pitch and execution.  

The only downside with these is that you can’t change your strings out quickly – which is one of the main reasons for buying a locking tuner.

These tuners are intended to fit guitars with a 10mm peg opening to guarantee a solid match on your headstock. It incorporates the arrangement screw gaps on the rear of your headstock. It’s a straightforward and practical strategy to improve Les Paul’s tuning steadiness.


  • Best Price
  • Simple installation
  • Made for Les Pauls


  • Not the most widely recognized brand
  • Not exactly a locking tuner but does the same job

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True Music Helper Rating - 3.7/5

Planet Waves Auto-Trim locking tuners are well known for its strong tuning stability, simple installation, and imaginative feature. The planet waves auto trim’s best element is that it automatically cuts off abundance strings when you introduce another arrangement of strings.

The D’Addario Auto-Trim Locking Tuning Machines are accurate tuners that take out the annoying requirement for string windings as they also remove the abundant string during string changes. These tuners cut any overabundance string while you are adjusting. This kills the need for string scissors (or scissors in general) making string changes simple and quick. Just add the string, fix brace, and tune to pitch. 

The 18:1 proportion worm gear development guarantees more noteworthy accuracy than standard tuners and guarantees tuning solidness in all cases, even during the hardest playing. And what’s also cool is that the package comes with 6 tuners and mounting equipment to make your life easier.


  • Auto-trim feature – Cuts excess strings on its own
  • Easy installation
  • Unique design


  • Not the cheapest tuner

q? encoding=UTF8&ASIN=B01JJP9GWY&Format= SL250 &ID=AsinImage&MarketPlace=US&ServiceVersion=20070822&WS=1&tag=truemusichelp 20&language=en USir?t=truemusichelp 20&language=en US&l=li3&o=1&a=B01JJP9GWY

True Music Helper Rating - 4.1/5

Graph Tech’s Ratio Locking Tuned Machine Heads offer a progressive new involvement that guarantees that your guitar is tuned more rapidly and precisely than any conventional tuner. Every tuner in the set flaunts a custom gear proportion that makes each machine head respond the equal around one full turn for every entire tone.

There’s no doubt that you are going to love the locking side of them however, the best thing is they fit perfectly to your Les Paul standard.

These tuners cut a significant amount of time of restringing your guitar and give great stability. And your guitar will remain in tune for a considerable length of time. The outfitting on these tuners is monstrous, so they will look like a not-so-natural addition to your Les Paul. 

They will appear to be an overbuilt item as they are beefier but if you don’t mind that then they are extremely functional for you. Who knows, you might even like the look of your guitar better with these tuners!



  • Guarantee unshakable tuning
  • No drilling required for installation Removable without leaving a dent
  • Perfect for Les Pauls


  • Doesn’t cut through for bigger strings
  • Bulky, beefy in shape

q? encoding=UTF8&ASIN=B019R35D7A&Format= SL250 &ID=AsinImage&MarketPlace=US&ServiceVersion=20070822&WS=1&tag=truemusichelp 20&language=en USir?t=truemusichelp 20&language=en US&l=li3&o=1&a=B019R35D7A

True Music Helper Rating - 4.6/5

These tuners are specially designed for Les Paul, which will keep up that exemplary look with no alteration to your headstock whatsoever.

They work precisely like a cutting-edge locking tuner and have the vintage look making it the best replacement tuners for Gibson Les Paul.

The basic drop-in configuration takes into account a fast and simple overhaul with ‘no boring’ alterations of simple string change.

Gotoh SD90 MG-T is created from excellent materials and guarantees their tuners give your Les Paul exceptional tuning strength with the great Gibson style machine head.



  • Elegant vintage look
  • Incredible tuning strength
  • Simple installation


  • The player may lean toward a more modern look 

What is the Locking Tuner?

Locking tuners are those tuners that have a pin or holding system that secures the string and keeps your string from loosening. These sorts of tuners are generally balanced by fixing or relaxing a handle on the rear of the headstock.

There is more than one reason for buying a locking tuner. Locking tuners improve the tone of your guitar instantly and it does not stop at that. You can actually switch your strings in a much easier fashion once you install locking tuners to your guitar.

Will Locking Tuner affect the sound of a Les Paul?

There are a few whispers that the additional load from the tuners give the ‘continue’ and ‘reverberation’ effect. This is not widely known or proven but many players are convinced that it apparently improves the sound of their acoustic which is a reward. 

Locking tuners can improve the tuning precision and playability of a moderate acoustic-like Les Paul. What we know for certain is that locking tuners definitely have an impact on the sound your guitar makes when it is unplugged. Frankly, the purpose of buying a locking tuner is not to make the sound better, the purpose of a locking tuner is solved when it keeps your guitar in tune and that’s about it.

In a Nutshell (Conclusion)

So, you booked your locking tuner so that means you should forget about tuning your guitar ever again, right? Wrong! Locking tuners just help in keeping your guitar in tune for a longer duration than without it. And that’s actually more than enough. I wouldn’t disagree if you said it would be awesome if we never have to tune our Les Pauls again but that’s not an option. 

Thus, pick up a tuner that best suits you from our list and be glad that you made your life a great deal easier. Now you get more time to play or learn the guitar better and spend less time tuning your guitar. All the best!

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