The bassist behind it all.

Hey, I am Sarah Jones!

Hello! I am Sarah and I’ve been a bass player for as long as I remember. I picked up my first bass at age 7 and have never let go of it ever since. I’ve been a part of 3 bands and currently play for a California-based band called ‘Neptune Nerds’. I love to talk about bass and share my experience with different instruments!

Sarah John Professional Musician

Best Bass Guitar Reviews & Guides

The hunt for a new bass instrument can be thrilling. Maybe you’re looking forward to the exciting sense of starting a new chapter in your life, or maybe you just can’t resist the temptation to add to an existing bass collection.

Are you confused about which bass to buy? I have done some eye-openning tests of some of the best bass guitars out there in the market. There is no fluff or bias here, just honest, thorough evaluations that you can rely on.